I’ve always thought Simply Orange does an amazing job of consistently communicating their brand’s promise.  The message is simple: “Do not sweeten.  Do not freeze. Do not concentrate.  Just let oranges be oranges.  And let their taste speak for itself….Simply Orange, Simply Unfooled-Around With.”  Orange juice is not a complicated product, and Simply Orange is committed to making it as authentic as possible.

Many, many brands go the route of “guaranteeing satisfaction.”  Brand managers use promotional offers like this in an attempt to demonstrate that they are so confident in their product’s superiority that they will offer a full refund–or, for example, ‘buy you a free stick of your favorite deodorant”–if you don’t agree.  For the most part, it’s a great way of enticing non-users to give your brand a try, because, really, “what have they got to lose?”  The difference here is this promotional strategy is very rarely able to actually deliver on the brand promise and reinforce its positioning.

Simply Orange doesn’t believe they compete with Tropicana or Florida Natural or (fill in the blank).  They think the only competitive force is an actual orange.  If you want to buy something that truly compares to the taste you get from Simply Orange, you need to buy a bag of oranges and squeeze them yourself.  Enter the Simply Orange “Orange Back Guarantee“: “If, after tasting, you don’t agree that Simply Orange orange juice tastes as fresh as biting into a juicy orange, (they) will send you a $7.00 check good for a bag of oranges.”

What could be more authentic? What could be more simple and consistent with the brand’s promise?