This morning, VSA writer/strategist, Phil K. points to some of the new work VSA is collaborating with O&M, SYPartners and IBM on. Having participated in some the planning for the new, Smart Planet campaign and these videos on “Progress” specifically, I will admit, I am a bit biased as well. But I am happy to see how well they turned out.

Like many people, I was not a big fan of the spots O&M did for IBM towards the end of ’08, which attempted to combine the playfulness of Disney characters with the rigidness of  the corporate world. In my opinion, they failed. Compared with the spots I see now (including this one), the effectiveness is night and day.

As Phil mentions, this is “some gorgeous, emotionally resonant work in support of IBM’s Smarter Planet campaign.” At a time with so much uncertainty and so many questions about the future of the country, world, etc., the message is relevant, humanizing and confidence inducing. It makes me feel optimistic about the future. IBM cares, they realize the magnitude of the work ahead, but they are some of the smartest people in the world and they have a plan to help make the world a better (“smarter”) place. It makes me want to invest (more) in IBM.

I’ve been blazing through Friedman’s, Hot, Flat and Crowded (which is terrific by the way), and it is impressive how well the Smarter Planet concept fits into his suggestion for how a “Green Revolution” could be realized.